Youth Entrepreneurship Development (YED)

USAID Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE)

People’s Service Council (PSC) is implementing a six month project called “Capacity Building and Creation of Sustainable Economic Opportunities to Resettled Communities in Trincomalee” from July 2019 with funding support of USAID/ SCORE. The Youth Enterprise Development (YED) component of the project aims to increase business opportunities for 23 youths specially in the newly resettled villages of Muthur and are Kattaiparichan South and Sampoor West GNDs in Trincomalee District; while increase their entrepreneurship, leadership qualities to promote them as responsible stakeholders who contribute for the upliftment of socio economy, peace and post war reconciliation process in the country.

PSC believes that entrepreneurship is an important piece of the puzzle to create conditions that will bring stability to communities and foster peace. Economic opportunities are also an important component of this ecosystem whereas the inequitable distribution of resources, economic deprivation, exclusion, and joblessness have all been well documented as root causes of conflict both locally and nationally.

“The purpose of YED was to empower youths by providing them with financial assistance and training to mainstream businesses that create social value, economic inclusion and contribution to the ecosystem of peace in the locality.”