Chairman’s Message

I have great pleasure in informing you that the People’s Service Council (PSC) an NGO of Trincomalee in the East of Sri Lanka was formed Twenty years ago and happy to release our Official Website.

Our focal district is the Eastern port land Trincomalee, and we have remarkably implemented our Humanitarian activities successfully, benefiting communities from multi cultural background. As an organization working for the benefit of the people, we have kept our promises and reputation for the last year by implementing project especially Human Security, Reconciliation and development, Gender justice etc.

We are grateful to the donors (Funding Agencies), Philanthropist and members of PSC. In the year of 2000 there was a drawback in the development of Education, Culture, Socio-economic and Entrepreneur that prevailed in the entire village in our project areas.

Our organization has established a mail stone in catering the need of the affected people irrespective ethnic group in the other DS Divisions in the District and had earned a good image and good respect. Our volunteer of the organization spare no pains in executive the activities to the fullest satisfaction.

Our Organization is lack of finance to promote more activities though we get a very small funds from the donor Agencies and very little from the members contribution. We would be happy and request the funding Agencies to extent their fullest support to continue our activities in the future too.

We shall be ever thankful to the donor Agencies to forward and to help the Organization.

Mohamed Faris
Chairman / CEO
People’s Service Council