Who we are

Who We are?

People’s Service Council (PSC) is a Sri Lankan based Humanitarian and community development Organization. PSC was established in 1999 to promote education and Socioeconomic conditions of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized people in the Trincomalee district. We are an Agency committed to humanitarian work in Sri Lanka nearly for a decade and has strived for the betterment of the vulnerable community groups apart from racial, ethnical, political discrimination.

Our focal district is the Easter Port land Trincomalee, and we have remarkably implemented our humanitarian activities such successfully, benefiting communities from multi cultural background. As an Organization working for benefit of the people, we have kept our promises and reputation for the last two years by implementing the several projects.

What is Legal status for Registration?

PSC is registered with the Social Service Department of Sri Lanka, under the VSSO of Act No. 31 of 1980 (Registration No: DS/KU/SS/VSSO/2002/04) and also at present the PSC has been registered as a Guarantee Limited under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 (Reg. No. GA 2314)

What we do?

People’s Service Council works locally to alleviate the suffering of dispossessed people. Through generous donations, we’re able to make a difference and save lives. We provide: Education, Livelihood Support, Water and Sanitation, Vocational Trainings, Orphans care, women and youth Empowerment, rural development and social cohesion.

During the post war period we have implemented projects related to reconciliation and reintegration of vulnerable community groups to normal process of life and the support to people living with special needs. Again we have focused on governance and sustainable development initiatives for the last three years.

Who for work?

Children, Women and Youths
Poor Community
IDPs, Refugees and Resettled People
Disabled People and elders
People who are living with risk
Human Right victims
Indigenous and isolated people
Govt. and Private Stakeholders

Where we Work?

People’s Service Council is working in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka including Districts of Trincomalee, Batticaloe, Ampara Mullaitheevu, Kilinochcchi, Mannar, Jaffna and Vavuniya