Skill Development for Women and Girls

Skills training for vulnerable women and girls in Trincomalee District

Improving living standard of most vulnerable women and girls through skills training and the establishment of a sustainable livelihood in Trincomalee District

The People’s Service Council is implementing this project, Funded by the The Embassy of the Federal Republic of German, Sri Lanka under the Embassy’s Micro Project Funds in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Development – Eastern Province, National Craft Council (NCC), Department of Social Services and Trincomalee District Secretariat, a project for the training of vocational skills and abilities in the Trincomalee District. The target groups of this project are women with disabilities, young girls, such as school leavers, and vulnerable women, e.g. acting as head of households. The project focuses on two specific sectors, including training on coconut based products, Palmyra products and training on patterned design materials. The required materials, selling products, marketing and the expert trainers will be provided by the National Craft Council and in the end of the professional training the participants will obtain official certificates, confirming their acquired skills.

The training on patterned materials includes decorative natural products made of oyster and palm leaves and is aiming to develop tourism in the Trincomalee District and encouraging the participants to start their own businesses. The project working with coir products is divided into three key activities, consisting of innovative vocational training on coir products, additional support for developing business abilities and soft skills, and assistance in connecting the participants with State and Non-State actors for enhancing business performances.