Mission Statement

What is the Vision of the Organization?

Our Vision is Vision of the PSC is to help the under privileged in the society, and to eradicate away the discrimination among the people to build an enlightened society .


What is the Mission of the Organization?

Our Mission is the under mentioned Goals have to be achieved without profit.

EDUCATION: To build up an educated society

DIGNITY: To safeguard the Rights and status of the under privileged

UNDERSTANDING: To eradicate the difference among the societies, and to bring about a better understanding among the people

PARTNERSHIP: To have collaboration and links, with the other organizations to win the Rights of the people

HUMANITY: To serve the multiethnic society without any discrimination


What are the Objectives of the Organization?

  • Providing awareness for developing the knowledge and practice of an Accept-able culture and tradition of the society,
  • Creating an educated society by providing educational facilities.
  • To carry out Community Development Services such as Socio Economic, Health, Agriculture, Fishing, Animal Husbandry, Sports, Environment and Culture.
  • Providing financial assistance as ‘Revolving Fund’ and / or Grant for creating Self-employment and Employment opportunities.
  • Ensuring coordination and co-operation among the different Societies who have different culture & tradition,
  • Provisions of relief services that are necessary for mental retarded or physi-cally disabled, the poor, the sick, the orphans and the destitute, and the pro-vision of relief to the needy in times of disaster and displacement