Human Security

PROGRAM AREA 1: Human Security
PSC has set forth 2 crucial components to direct its Human security program understanding the existing vulnerability of communities and its impact on the Socio economic development and the lives of many more deprived people.
(1.1) Stabilizing rural economy – fighting poverty
We encourage and support to stabilize rural economy by supporting community members to engage in Grass root business initiatives (GBI). We provide support to develop sustainable rural businesses in the form of micro enterprises. To enable the success of GBI, PSC uses the following mechanisms and methodologies as successful steps to develop GBI.
  • Community mobilization and Empowerment
  • Business development planning and training services
  • Formulate and strengthen Agro and Aquatic based small enterprises
  • Channel access to financial services (Micro finance & small grants)
  • Development of Value chains & promotion of Social Businesses
(1.2) Promoting community resiliency
We support and empower communities through effective partnerships to increase their abilities to face hazards caused by disasters by means of strategizing and implementing Community based disaster risk reduction Programs.