Help make a difference to the world’s most poorest and vulnerable by fundraising with your friends through sports, quizzes, Support services, merchandising, online giving or events. Every donation you give could save so many peoples lives and your personal contribution will make you feel so proud!
How can fundraising help our charity? Well, fundraising can make a huge difference and our existing fundraisers have helped raise thousands of Rupees towards various projects and appeals. Our charity wouldn’t rais half as much if it wasn’t for the dedicated fundraising volunteers who raise vast amounts every year.
Some of the ways you can Fundraise.
  • Fundraising by Organizing Small Events
  • Fundraising on Special Occasions
  • Fundraising by Sports
  • Fundraising through Online Platforms
  • Fundraising through Public Channel
  • Fundraising through Support services
Whatever the plans or methods you wish to use to fundraise, if you would like to become a fundraising supporter then contact us by email on Simply tell us how you wish to do fundraising by choosing one of the types above or if you have any other bright and innovative idea then simply drop us a brief description and we will then revert back to you as soon as possible.
To sign up or for information on fundraising
Telephone: +94 26 2053565 / +94 77 35874446