Democracy and Governance

PROGRAMME AREA 02: Promoting Rights, Democracy building & Governance
Democracy and good governance are regarded as primary principles that need to be put in to active citizen’s practice for the achievement of the socio economic Development goals set forth in many communities. Paradoxically, the word De-mocracy and governance are regarded as elements of a mainstream political process that is more connected with party and electoral politics.
We strongly advocate that the promotion of rights, democracy building and the practice of the values of good governance will empower people to fight poverty and injustice and will gradually enhance their capacities for sustainable development and social change.
Through our advocacy, we ensure that the people of the marginalized communi-ties especially women and children, victims of gross human rights violations, disabled and the poor can amplify their voices to assert dignity and ensure that they are part of the long struggle for justice & development.
By empowering communities to raise their voices and witness injustice we make them strong activists to:
1. Have equal access to economic, political, social and cultural and natural resources.
2. Engage in pragmatic decision making through active participation.
3. Protect and promote their livelihoods.
4. Work towards human security and potentiality.
5. Create access to safe homes